Legionella Antibiotic Susceptibility And Resistance Universal Screening (LASARUS)

This is bacterial growth media is a translucent, yellow solid media for growing all Legionella species without the toxin/antibiotic absorbance properties of traditional BCYE (buffered activated charcoal yeast extract) agar. LASARUS has the advantage of allowing the microbiologist to evaluate growth through an unopened plate, rather than observing through the condensation on the BCYE plate lid, or exposing themselves to unnecessary risk by having to remove the lid to determine growth.

Furthermore, the activated charcoal in the traditional BCYE plate has been found to absorb antibiotics that artificially increase the minimum inhibitory concentration determined for all antibiotics tested and increase the plate-to-plate variability of these readings.

LASARUS has been extensively tested and all Legionella pneumophilia clinical isolates (1000+) and all additional non-pneumophila Legionella strains available (35) generally grow better on LASARUS than on traditional BCYE due to the patent-pending nutrient broth.

LASARUS is currently only provided for research purposes only, please ask us for the current state of development for IVD ISO9001 in vitro diagnostics progress.

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Format Unit size Minimum order Price/unit  (Ex-VAT)
Pre-poured 100 mm plate 20 plates 1 unit (20 plates) £28.50
Self-pour plate components 0.5 litre 1 unit (0.5 litre) £24.00

Delivery charge to be determined based on location/country of originating order.


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